Call for Papers

Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (EEPS)

Special Issue on Hedonic Price Method

More data on household economic activities have been made available to the public in the past two decades.  Geophysical data, such as periodically global maps of night lights, aerosol, rainfall and temperature, are also produced and available (e.g., NASA Earth Observation).  Soon, large data sets collected through digital devices collected by large IT companies such as Google and phone companies may also become accessible.  The increasingly publicly available geophysical and household data provide new research opportunities for environmental economists, and at the same time, prompt re-examination and updates of existing techniques for non-market valuation.  One of these techniques that is expected to be revisited and further developed is the Hedonic Price Method (HPM).

This special issue in the EEPS wishes to review and advance the utilization of HPM for environmental valuation in the cases of both developed and developing countries. We are calling for all empirical and theoretical HPM analyses, independent of place or time, to help establish the current state of the art in HPM for environmental valuation.

Authors are invited to submit papers to be considered for publications in the special issue of EEPS by August 31, 2018.  Regular review process of the Journal applies. Please submit papers following the standard submission process at the EEPS website ( and include a cover letter stating the interest to be considered for the special issue on HPM.  Please send all inquiries to the editor of the special issue.

Best Regards,

Ju-Chin Huang

EEPS Guest Editor for the Special Issue on Hedonic Price Method

Professor of Economics, University of New Hampshire



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